About the Author

Hleo is the first book I’ve ever finished, it’s actually a series of books so I should clarify; it’s the first four books I’ve ever finished. I’ve been writing pretty much my whole life. I have a fuzzy memory from grade two of writing a story about a princess in a castle that was so so so happy she got a horse for her birthday (I really wanted to sell how happy the princess was). But it wasn’t until I was ten years old and we were talking about careers in a class discussion that the idea I could be an author occurred. Writing could be a job, what a magnificent revelation. And from that time I’ve written mysteries, ghost stories, romance, teen drama, fantasy; whatever characters and worlds my imagination could conjure. For all the writing I’ve done though, I’ve never finished a story, not to the time spent, thought out, and edited degree that Hleo is. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but life can very easily get in the way of our aspirations and so up until now I’ve put the writing thing on hold. Between working, marriage and motherhood there are constant distractions, ‘better’ uses of my time, but the longing to write has finally won out, and so this is my attempt to make this dream of being a writer happen.


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