Ask the Author

I love to read; books have always been an escape for me. They have taken me across oceans, to bygone eras, magical realms and everywhere in between. They have allowed me to be a princess, a thief, a detective, and so many other wonderfully imaginative characters. Books have helped shape the person that I am, and in all the reading that I have done, I have often wished I had the opportunity to speak with the people behind the stories. To ask the author why they chose the location they did, or how they came up with the characters they developed. On the off chance that I’m not alone with this desire, I have decided to put myself out there and welcome anyone who might want to, to ask me questions about Hleo and the world that I have created. I would love the chance to share and explain my personal inspirations behind Hannah and Ethan, or the other characters and settings that are found on the pages of the Hleo series, or of the journey that led me to write the book. And so, if you ask a question for me below, in the Leave a Reply section of this page specifically, I will do my best to post an answer to your question in a timely manner and to the best of my ability.  All I ask is that questions are respectful, and do not contain spoilers for someone who may not have read Hleo yet. Questions that don’t follow these guidelines will be removed. Other than that, I look forward to hearing from you.




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