Because I am a Girl

I always knew that no matter how Hleo ended up released into the world I wanted there to be a small way for me to give back to the global community through it. The developed nations have so much; to an extent that I think it can be hard for many of us to fathom what true hardship looks like. I complain when the take out food I ordered is a little cold, but I can’t imagine what it is like not to eat for days on end because there simply is nothing to eat.

I went looking for a charitable organization that fights for social justice across the globe and found the Because I am a Girl Campaign run by Plan International. Literacy and education are such strong tools to help the marginalized of this world lift themselves out of their circumstances and create better futures for not only themselves but for their countrymen. Girls from all over the world however, are kept from seeking out these opportunities, simply because they are girls. The Because I am a Girl Campaign works in countries all over the world to provide girls with safe learning environments, protection from harassment and abuse, access to both nourishment and school supplies and the opportunity to participate in literacy and business programs. And so, $3.00 from every copy of Hleo bought will go towards supporting these amazing efforts.

One small decision or act can have rippling effects that are able to change the world, is the underlying theme running through Hleo. I am hoping that the small donation that is made from each copy of Hleo purchased online will have this rippling effect. Please consider purchasing a copy today.

And for more information on Because I am a Girl click the following link:




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